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Know what you have available to you. Believe it or not people had remedies to the ailments we suffer long before we created a pill for it. Check here periodically for new remedies to fit the season and the basics too.


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the awfel tree

AHHHH TEEEEEAASS. I do love me a cup of tea! Here’s some things you should consider for tea enjoyment.

I run my tea in my coffee pot like coffee. I like it rich so I keep the actual pot off the burner so the water soaks in the filter compartment for a touch though, I know my pot, lol in so many ways, I keep it from overflowing & relatively clean. :) I like my little five pour pal!

Teas and leafs are wonderful wonderful remedies and being a believer that anything can be fixed naturally. Tea should be as regular as milk, or soda for some of yall. Tsk tsk.

Be safe teas are no joke either; and think. This requires common sense, make sure you have it since your are absolutely and solely responsible for the results.

When doing anything you should be paying close attention to your body. Notice and accept. Analyze and act. Many times we confuse a new feeling for something bad. So be patient with yourself. And if you’re exercising or meditating and being ALL around healthy, you should know bad pain from growing pain.

Drink plenty of water at the first site of discomfort. Hence why the first thing in a hospital is IV hookup, since as a general whole our country is very very thirsty. Very few drink what REALLY should be the norm of water intake.  Think about it, your brain is eighty percent water, and entire body seventy five plus! So why is a bottle of water that last thing you drink!!!! AAAH. lol. Personally all bottled water excluding Nestle, Dasani or any other Coca Cola or PepsiCo companies, is what I’ll take. No place here as for why however just not an endorser.

Google, READ, Do some homework. Whether you’re concerned about a combination of meds or foods that enhance bone strength or whatever, just look it up! Google and read, remembering the top couple results are advertisements, get down to the organic internet listings and read what people have said keeping you’re original search open, do your own comparison.

Or Pick up a book. Go dinasoaur at the library. Trust no one will bother you there. GET LOST installing information into your brain in the most imaginative ways as our historic literature paints colorful words to life, since this time you know what your lookin’ for! Most and every library I have ever known will request any book and have it brought to your location usually free of charge!

MIX N’ MATCH, and knock out a few things at once. Tea is a mere infusion into water, mix and match any of the teas you like to create your own remedy prescription!

Take measure of whether you have eaten, been consuming alcohol and the same other relevant precautions you would take when you’re taking script medication.

Remember! Hang your head over the teapot, or inhale the vapors from your brew as your cup cools since the VAPORS OF TEAS ARE JUST AS POTENT, EFFECTIVE AND EQUALLY COMPLIMENTARY TO YOUR TEA EXPERIENCE.

If you’re not a tea person, adding these tea leaves to a smoothie or shake and digesting the teas are just as, if not even more effective in some cases!

LEAFS & TEAS:                                                  pot=5-8 cups   one cup=6 oz. 

12leafYUCCA ROOT: 1 tablespoon for a pot (five/eight) cups for ARTHRITIS & OSTEOPOROSIS

   This tea is perfect as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis and osteoporosis. It also aids as a lubricate with the bowels during constipation.

10leafBLADDERWRACK: 1 tablespoon for a pot (five/eight) cups for THYROID HEALTH

   This tea also known as fucus vesiculosus is seaweed, so beware if you have a seafood allergy. However this is an excellent tea for aiding the health of the thyroid gland. It’s great for women and regulating the menstruation cycle. It’s rich in iodine so great for iodine deficiencies. This tea is often used in spas for skin softening. It improves circulation promoting a healthy glow. Bladderwrack is also good for digestion, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, gerd & heartburn.

11leafFO-TI ROOT: 1 tablespoon for a pot (five/eight) cups for GENERAL HEALTH

This tea has so many benefits ranging from detoxifying kidneys to even adding sexual vigor to your health. This herb has alkaloid properties which is already great for the human body. However it also stimulates parts of the adrenal glands and boost your immune system. It has rejuvenating effects on the brain cells, nerves and  endocrine glands. This tea has amazing antibacterial actions, assists in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol as well as helping blood cells from sticking together causing clots.  It has been known to restore the blackness from hair that has gone gray.  It has so many uses on so many ailments like; wind rash, eczema, nerve damage, blood deficiency, inflammation of lymph nodes, and heat exhaustion & atherosclerosis.

9leafNETTLE:  (as a powder soluble) 1/2 teaspoon stirred into any drink preferably hot for GENERAL HEALTH

If you can get your hands on any type of this plant it is definitely a super food. In ancient times people would have their joints whipped with stalks of nettle for their anti inflammatory agents and when ingested it aids in a plethora of ailments as in diabetes, rheumatoid diseases, gastrointestinal diseases do if you have digestive issues of any kind this should be in your daily regimen. In fact everyone should have this particular gem in their cups daily since it also aids in urinary tract diseases, and prostate, so reproductive health for both men and women; to go on it aids in respiratory health so for asthma and allergy patrons. It doesn’t stop there with its ability to aid in kidney function this is a must have for everyone since its your kidney who is a deciding factor in your over all health!


EPIMEDIUM: 1/2 tablespoon/pot for GENERAL HEALTH

Commonly known as Horny Goat’s Weed and as the inspiration in the chemistry of today’s commonly known pill as Viagra; yet such an ancient herb, finding the high potency for this tea is rare for it to serve as the aphrodisiac it is legendary for. However ingested raw or as a tea this herb serves such great benefits to the human body’s general health. It has been known to aid in the treatment of osteoporosis so this tea stays in my daily supply.

7leafFEVERFEW: 1/2 a teaspoon for a pot (five/eight) cups for  INFLAMMATION/FEVERS

Feverfew also known as feather few is a delightful tea that similar to chamomile has anti-inflammatory agents. I us this tea for muscle inflammation so after a good workout or as an evening relaxant to your body and muscles after a bustling or even better, this is a wonderful rainy day tea! It’s name fever few comes rom in its ability to be able to reduce fevers, so this tea is handy for cold seasons.  I recommend plenty of water with this tea an in general health of course!

6leaf MILK THISTLE: 1/2 a tablespoon for a pot of (five/eight) cups for LIVER SUPPORT

Milk Thistle is a great daily regimen. Pairs great with your mornings, this tea has characteristics that have the ability to significantly reduce the growths of cancer cells. It’s great for mild digestive issues. For the rest of us, this tea keeps our liver in check.  The liver cleans toxins and when working properly has a huge impact on how you lose weight. The better the kidney the better off, period.

5leafEUCALYPTUS: 1/2 a tablespoon for a pot (five/eight) cups for IMMUNE

This tea and even better as an oil is also an immune booster but in a more volatile since it’s strengths lie more as an antiseptic, reduce inflammations and mostly by having the ability to kill infections within the body. Inhaling the steam as you brew it is an amazing decongestant and wonderful for the respiratory system.


CHAMOMILE: 1 tablespoon for a pot (five/eight) cups for RELAXATION, INFLAMMATION, & PAIN

This tea is insane. A Daily favorite, this is a great evening tea. Chamomile in my perspective is the salt of teas. It goes with everything and anything. It’s a relaxant, wonderful for pain and inflammation of muscles. It’s wonderful as a tea but also can be added to a bath for a superb relaxing euphoria. It can be set in the hair for natural highlights or as a compress on muscles and painful joints. This herb definitely deserves a Google, since the uses are endless!


MUGWORTS: 1/2- tablespoon for a pot (five/eight) cups for SLEEP

I was an insomniac since I was fifteen. I am now aware of the underlying issues that keep me from a good night’s sleep. When Im feeling hyperactive, and my workout didn’t do the trick, this tea absolutely does! It’s taste is not great so I mix mine with half a packet of instant cocoa and it goes down warm. This tea is VERY strong and has the ability to knock you out the first few times you take it, or at least till you know what strength you need. It’s an excellent muscle relaxer and perfect nightcap with some milk for the restless and hardworking.


ECHINACEA : 3/2- 1 tablespoon for a pot (five/eight) cups for IMMUNE

This wonderful daisy as a flower is even better as a tea; an amazing immune booster. If you feel a cold coming on, or are even smarter know the weather and wanna beat the winter/ hard weather bugs and colds; having this tea a few times a week or everyday if you’re sick can keep your health in tip top shape. I keep this tea in my cabinet as a definite “go to” tea. :) Goes great with chamomile.

1leafLOBELIA: 1/2 a tablespoon for a pot. (five/eight cups) for LUNGS

           If smoking was your new year’s resolution which has now become next year’s to do; Give yourself a second start with a little Lobelia.  And if you remember smoking remedies can be well used for asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Half an hour after breakfast I’d take cup a day of this tea. Preferably taken in the morning will begin an amazing process of cleansing the lungs and respiratory system. This allows better breathing and quality of oxygen throughout your entire body.  It is recommended to start with one cup a day for a week proceeding with two cups a day the second week and up to three cups a day on the third week than leaving it at that. Continue with three cups as long as you feel needed though I find this is a remedy tea. If you’re on meds, I would be lowering the correlating (pulmonary) scripts as I increase the tea. Pay careful attention to your body and how you feel. Not all awkwardness is bad and vice versa. Upon taking this tea, I had a cough session and a half for the first couple of days, however later that week I just felt great. Some teas I will drink on a daily basis and some I will take periodically with a purpose as in this case. I am kicking that horrible habit of smoking. Realizing my stomach aches were from cigarettes & being apart from it so bad. My teeth were the real shocker, & how white they got once I quit.The nicotine wasn’t as great of a deal as the physical asphyxiation I had developed. I had given in to peer pressure my

sophomore year in high school summer school. I was taking advanced classes with cool obviously not bright upperclassmen girls that seemed like friends. They were, in their own way, nonetheless, I wasn’t focused on tanning as some were & my vision for my place in society was quite different. I outgrew them however the smoking stuck till now bwahahahahahaha.

AKA/Aliases ( I have not tried these, I used Lobelia however it isalso known as asthma-/barf-/puke-weed, indian tobacco, heaveleaf, retch-/vomit- wort and fools’s bane. None of these names are flattering are they? LOL  It’s a purging tea. It’s goood for you.

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     The following teas can be used independently, or making a mix is best. Taking in different nutrient and agents empowering your body’s overall system. Infusions, brews and even the leaves themselves can be put into morning protein, fruit or any type of on the go shake. Sometimes digesting the tea through the bodies system can be even more helpful.

Ailments & Symptoms

Memory – Are you having a a hard time remembering things or maybe you just want to sharpen the old noggin in the first place. I would recommend this tea in the evening as a nightcap since in our sleep is when our brain gets its workout on.

Gingko, Ginseng, Rosemary,  Sage, Green Tea, Hibiscus, Gotu Kola, Alfalfa, Eleuthero Root, Damaiana, Bilberry, Parsley Leaf, Ginger Root, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa, Periwinkle-any of these with some Blueberries will have your memory like an elephants’.

Blood Pressure- Though meditation, working out, yoga and of course a healthy diet is always recommended with this ailment, however these herbs should help. BP issues are serious and so if you’ve recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure I would be using these religiously and immediately. I would brew the tea in the evening and throw the leaves in my morning shake.  Time’s a tickin’ just like your heart.

Hibiscus, Olive Leaf, Eleuthero, Hyssop, Hawthorn, Dandelion, Alfalfa

High Calcium- This blend of teas is excellent at strengthening the skeletal system, prevents osteoporosis. This tea mix aids in healing broken bones as well as improving teeth and gum health.

Red Raspberry, Red Clover, Nettle, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint, Calendula, Oatstraw, Lemon Verbena

Long Life-This amazing blend is known for lengthening life and boosting daily health

Peppermint, Chrysanthemum, Honeysuckle Flower, Licorice Root, Cinnamon


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