the business of people


      The world is free some would say in America.  However, try going somewhere with zero money and see how free you feel. It WAS free.  We, as a person, a citizen, a human being, created a system by allowing the ability to be a “consumer” as the role we chose to be the most. Buying into the clothes, and the makeup, the materialistic value WE created and stimulated, what we now call an “economy”.

By obsessing over the newest trend, we gave our freedom to others in exchange for the joy that particular purchase was intended to bring.  Now at the rate we populate it did not take long for these “other” people to gain speed and form businesses; businesses so large they became these monstrosity of giants we now call “C-O-R-P-O-R-A-T-I-O-N-S”.

As a being in America, most must work very hard for what they earn. Multiple occupations and exhausting routines to provide their families with basic necessities, much less what they “want”.

Reviewing a few key factors first. Freedom is our time. Our ability to do what we will, whenever and wherever we like. Our TIME is what we put into studies, occupations, careers. Your employer is paying your for your time! To be there and be delivering your skills at one hundred percent. The higher the wage the more is generally expected. In turn, the more money one has, the more ability to do whatever they like is subsequent. A person with enough money can pay for your land, and even your life. The money is where we have placed the VALUE.

Due to this value placed in money, the system of supply and demand is created. They make something we want in exchange for an estimated percentage of your tangible time, money. Does it mean more now hearing the phrase “time is money”?

This is common sense, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here. However, as a general population, we stress over how to come up with more tangible time; taxing on our actual time and life on this planet. Very similar to a dog chasing its tail is this loop of “money for time” system.  How come we choose not to change our values?

If we didn’t need so much stuff, in turn we would need less money. Less money is less work, less work is more time. More time to actually do what we like; to be free.

So how do we change these values, if it seems the whole world revolves around money. Change your friends. Find like-minded people. Find friends that do not care about what clothes you wear or what shade of lipstick you’re wearing. People that are not in a rush to upgrade their latest android.

Eating these colored foods and wearing these colored apparel heighten their corresponding chakras.

Eating these colored foods and wearing these colored apparel heighten their corresponding chakras.


Give yourself a wee bit foot rub.

Give yourself a wee bit foot rub.



Keeping Internet Control Public:

Steve Jobs was a visionary. A creative masterful genius. Beautiful in his craft as we witnessed & waited in line for the sleekest newest piece of technological masterpieces. However he knew the negotiations between Google and the government was getting complicated to say the least. Google is the largest search engine to date. In other words Google is the largest grocery store where we shop for our world wide web knowledge. [ Google, Yahoo, Bing, all these search engines are our tunnels, our only portals to a world of knowledge, business and even more so with social networks. Though somewhere on the world wide web is the backside of all this personal & social data. ] There was a big reason Steve Jobs would not allow google on the iphones. The Apple company and their products had the ability to inspire and grow the creative brain and its skills. The ability to allow the inner artist and heart to find what it wants; most of his products did. Now, finding perspective, we may need to thank Mr. Jobs for not corrupting the final part of our pineal gland. In the World Wide Web, Google would be a ready-in-place, digital Wal-Mart. And with their negotiations paired with the governments thirst for our privacy.  The ability to read, share would have served our data on a silver platter; google on an iphone would have been the ultimate blueprint to our livelihoods.

The perfect recipe to the business of people.


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