Guilt & Shame

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Did you know every emotion has a hertz frequency? Basic information here. However do we know their scale? Are we familiar with their impact on us? On others?

If we are unfamiliar, or even more so, unbelieving to the impact our flippant “feelings” have, google Dr. Emoto. Remember what we are made of and judge from there. Than come back and read this.

Guilt and Shame are two emotions that may be most challenging to face. It stuns us. It’s easily read in poor liars that they both can cause poor choices and decision making.

Guilt itself is the lowest vibration on the scale and therefore can be believed that it can create heavyweight issues that can take a lifetime to address. Or not. Knowing the fundamentals of how our spirit, soul, or brain works can help bring out one’s inner most potential.

To say “To Forgive” is a concept that can bury itself into many levels. Sometimes it’s not always black and white. Feeling forced into a decision can make it hard to feel you have anything to forgive and than you’re screwed. Chasing the tail of feeling guilty and not having anything to apologize for. You end up never forgiving yourself, never letting go of the emotional baggage. There are several industries that are currently thriving off of removing emotional baggage from the body. They’ll pitch you a solid argument as to how emotions manifest physical issues in the body in a very real way.

So guilt seeds. Grounds itself in your grounding. ┬áNow before we go down that depressing trail, let’s go up the bunny hill; How often do you forgive yourself? Not to mention others. How deep does that forgiveness penetrate? Do you say “it’s ok” and than hold a grudge? Fester? Do you really let things grow? Not saying one doesn’t learn from experiences. However there is a big difference between learning and letting life and people jade you all up.

Do you forgive yourself daily? Have you ever forgiven yourself for not fulfilling your dreams? For not creating a good day for yourself? For letting yourself down. For not being or doing what you wish you had. Have you forgiven yourself for missing your mark?

Maybe we could benefit from taking some time to do that. Imagine how much free space and energy that would open up for perfectly good use.

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