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    Original Laughables

      Meet Peach & Bong


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        breath:   means spirit

        believe:   means to breath life into

        faith:      a chemical that leaks from the pineal gland in your brain, it is activated/engaged upon prayer to a higher belief, it leaks into the body where with enough “belief” comes to a fruition by our own means

        perspective:   the way one looks at a particular scenario or entity, to have different views, balance in view

        physiognomy:   means to make judgements based on appearance, and especially the face

        piezoelectricity:  is the charge that accumulates in certain solid materials in response to applied mechanical stress.     This is an electromagnetic current that makes up all matter. All living things carry this current in & out the body

        raceased:   means to make a conscious effort to correct the automated judgments washed in one’s mine in regards to stereotypes and predispositions of people, primarily through therapy and proactivity.

        Books You Should Be Reading:

        The Anger Diet

        - Brenda Shoshanna, Ph. D. the anger diet

        This book is listed first since after spring cleaning is done, it is always easier to organize. So if you’re going to get to know your inner self and how your emotional palette is, than start with clearing out the waste. Also for those that are not avid readers, (which I do not agree with, if you  are not reading, you will lose out in this new future we are going into, gotta be able to read the fine print.)

        This is an a thirty day challenge that will surface an amazing new you. You get as much as you put in so if you dig deep with every simple daily objective, you will reveal quite a bit about yourself as well as jumpstart your emotional journey/awakening by milestones.



        mastery-of-love1The Mastery of Love

        -Don Miguel Ruiz

        “One cannot be mad when a cat does not bark”  -ADVP

        If you are not a fan of coming home to something, than why do you have it in your life. This amazing book that contends for first place is a tale about an old southwestern north american civilization named the Toltecs, and how they harnessed the power of our emotions. Understanding what the human input and output is continues to baffle as time runs through. This book explains how our feelings are similar to nutrients or infections and considered a disease in the most contagious way.  At any single point in this book, the reader will hear a mental “click!”, where it does just that! It clicks as to how we are as people and how we associate with one another. You learn to read peoples true nature and understanding your own, see the capabilities as clear as day!


        Men are from Mars Women are from Venus men-are-from-mars-women-are-from-venus

        -John Gray, Ph.D

        This book is great to kick off the party. It speaks to both worlds. This book explains how we are in fact to different species, we do everything different! As to why we keep from giving the credit to the other half & that they may not speak your language! Great read over and over again, as we are doing so ourselves!






        Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting  Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting

        - Lynn Grabhorn

        If one has any understanding of the Laws of Attraction, than this book is even more powerful. When a person had a child at a young age, being of healthy and loving sound mind, that child serves as a wonderful fire under their keister; since the child’s value to them motivates the parent to get their life together. Not saying that we are doing so particularly well as of the year 2012, however to keep from dwelling in the past, we can move forward and change. This book is perfect for getting you off that lazy bum couch of a mindset, or even mundane drone out routine, and gets you in gear! Explaining piezoelectricity in the most laymens terms, EVERYONE CAN & should read this.





        21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

        -John C. Maxwell


        This is a wonderful book to strengthen the backbone. For big dreamers and over achievers this book is awesome. Not the easiest read, it still has activities and little objective reviews after every chapter that allow practice on grasping the “Leadership” role and all that comes with it. Anyone in business should read this. Actually, anyone wanting to grab life by the horns and take charge by starting with this book!




        The Secret   the secret

        - Rhonda Byrne


        This of course is the classic manual on the Law of Attraction however similar to yoga, if you should consult someone who grasps this concept since it can be done very wrong. This book of course needs no review since it’s reputation precedes it.







        WATER BOTTLES copy



        Visual Aids

        A collection of videos, we are not claiming we made, however we value its information hence its display. Enjoy.

        Thrive-Free Energy

        This movie “Thrive” is excellent for amateurs.   It does a nice job of explaining the super power of our being with out stepping on anyone’s toes as well as unifying our species.  I recommend everyone to widen their eyes and have their minds blown with the mind trip this movie brings.

        Genetically Modified Foods Teaser

        This is simply a minuscule teaser of GMO to get your attention. This issue is being kept out of mainstream media of course however, If you want to know the truth watch the full length movie Genetic Roulette on our GMO Page.
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        The following series is a favorable series I enjoy. It also reminds me of a new “School of Rock” cartoon for quantum physics, as in the educational series cartoons -School of Rock.

        Spirit Science Episode 1. Thoughts

        Spirit Science Episode 2. Chakras

        Spirit Science 3. Channeling

        Spirit Science 4. Male & Female Energy

        Spirit Science 5. The Keys of Our Past

        Spirit Science 6. The Flower of Life

        Spirit Science 7. The Flower of Life

        Spirit Science 8. Meditation

        Spirit Science 9. Astral Projection

        Spirit Science 10. The Math of God

        Spirit Science 11. Evolution

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