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original artwork purchasable


The external results of our thoughts is the physical self.  We like to think we have it all figured out however the truth is its the willpower to action that we lack. It’s not until a man in a white coat sits you down and says the horrifying news that you have cancer or some other ailment that we finally get the fire lit under our asses that sparks us on the inside to treat our body better.

Eating well and exercise are fundamental, however stress and chaotic lifestyles take a toll as well.

What is it that’s going to get your mojo going? Do you need the doctor telling you that without serious change your life wont last too much longer? Is it maybe that youre on a budget and with the kids and family and work theres just no time in the day for you to eat healthy or workout. hmm. hogwash.

Remember that excuse to have someone tell your kid or family when YOU’RE DEAD!  The truth sounds a bit drastic but the truth IS that the way our technology is running, we are having a harder and harder time keeping up with it. We have yet to figure out the actual effects of the processed food AND flat screen television sets on our bodies. For example you may know that holding your cell phone while pumping gas is very hazardous however were you also aware that the cell phone clip hooked to your belt is the perfect positioning to have your cell suck the bone marrow out of your hip. YES!  The reality is that the technology we have in our tv’s, smartphones, and tablets radiation that is hazardous, only we won’t know how bad for about another five years. It takes about a decade for us to see the full results of our lifestyles and the toll they take on our physical bodies.


We decided to list a few random suggestions that can actually enhance the quality of your life, especially if there’s no health focus elsewhere, you can start here.

1. Drink Water. water, aqua, h20. Your body is eighty percent water, so why is it the last thing you put in your body. Personally, I used to not be able to drink water for at least two hours in the morning and boy was it only if it was the last choice i had. However with change and time, one wakes up now, thirsty! If you’re telling yourself, I can’t do that, remember “can’t” is two words, can and not, so ipso facto you can. You just have to do it, and make it a habit. It’s not for anyone but you anyways.

2. Floss. Flossing is wonderful for your teeth. Also flossing will help with minty fresh breath may keep more of your friends around. We should already know that our gums are imperative to keeping your health in top shape. However the effort and attention to detail is the actual reason you should be flossing. Taking a few extra moments in the morning not only slows your pace down to a more rational rate but also practices your focus, and ability to appreciate detail. Not to mention the grinning smile you’ll have with the skyrocketed confidence from treating yourself with the extra special attention!

3. Do something good. Many times we can start our day off with a great feeling and with traffic, the line at the coffee place and more, one could easily be irate by the time one gets to the office. If your in sales or customer service than you’ve set off a cannon of negativity through all the people you see all day!   So to keep from losing your business, customers, and your sanity by doing something good. Something convenient isn’t helpful but  an effort counts; however putting yourself out of your way will do milestones for your day. Drive behind that super slow person on the road, to exercise your patience and lower your blood pressure. Simply staying behind that slow poke will force you to tae deep breathes and say to yourself “I’m going to get there when I get there” and even begin to pace the world to you versus the other way around. So now each time you’re walking through a door, look behind you and see if you could wait a minute and hold it for someone else. Not only are you passing the goodwill buck but your adding superpower doses to your immune system and so much more!


Click Me for the Cure!

Click me for a recipe!

Click me for a recipe!

This all natural recipe will awaken your skin in only a way nature can.

This all natural recipe will awaken your skin in only a way nature can

Spruce Up Your Bathroom, Click Me for the How-To

Spruce Up Your Bathroom,
Click Me for the How-To


Click me for the Recipe!

Click me for the Recipe!

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