kens rainbowWhether its for losing weight, making more money or any goal in between, if you’re intake of water is not regularly high, than success will always be that far off.

At one point our parents must implement the critical factor that water plays in our lives. Not just any water, but the right water and the right amount.  A few years back I was listening to the radio and the water drinking contest they were having had a fatality. It’s not like we’re gulping gallons and gallons of water a day in a single minute but since than I have heard so many rumors and even been astonished at the amount of people that disregard their minimal intake of water so easily.  It makes up more than two thirds of our human body and eighty percent of the brain. Water is needed for your liver and kidneys to cleanse the toxins that will allow the nutrients to enhance the metabolism that will burn the baby fat that you are giddy to lose allowing the fit of that stellar slim sundress by summer. Also when you’re at the office and that migraine-like headache is coming on, check your water glass since pain is a way for your dehydrated brain to tell you its thirsty! Thinking better or looking better, either way I find it unnecessarily ridonkulous and almost scary to wonder what it will take to make our hydration cool again.


Quick Tip to Perk up Your H2O

Amplify your body. Studies have shown that the body is either alkaline or acidic.  By adding a small half teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda, Arm & Hammer works, to a regular size bottle of water will oxygenate your body thrice the amount of a regular bottle of water.

So if you have IBS, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, anemia or just about any other ailment KNOWN to man, start with this bottle of water.

Have three bottles like these a day is optimum, however like any other habit, in moderation and balance is always a must. The water’s taste is a tad bit salty for the first day or two but by the third day you wont taste it and that’s a great sign your body is alkalinizing. The kind of water you drink matters too. Tap water is NOT ok. See our air page as to why and how but spring for the bottled water and make it a habit. Treat this water like normal, no need to gulp it down or drink in one sitting, just sip throughout the day like you would your normal water, or for you bad folks, like you would your sodas. Know that you’d lose a good ten to twenty pounds merely by cutting soda from your diet.  Also keep in mind not to overfill yourself or drink too much water on a full stomach, but these binge habits are already controlled, right?

One cannot continue to complain about their dilemmas once the solution has been found, for not taking prudent steps to resolve the challenge is also something we choose.  So choose to fix it, fix you!  Keeping this regimen up anywhere from three to five times a week is great, of course gage your body and watch for any reactions, or feelings of side effects you may feel. Of course having more energy and feeling better is a side effect to so let it affect you!


Check out this amazing natural recipe for Detox Water!     

Click me to learn how to make your own detox water

Click me to learn how to make your own detox water!

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