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Do it yourself family wall decor! Spruce up your home with what you love.

Do it yourself family wall decor! Spruce up your home with what you love.
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     If you run a business, who do you sell to? Check your customer base, what’s their average race? You may not think your racist but similar to the, “If you’re not whitening your teeth, you’re yellowing your teeth” commercial,  if you haven’t blueprinted your life experiences, where they came from and where they’ve brought you now,  than you’re missing valuable implements that can move you to where it is you wanted to be? If you’re not racist, are you “Raceased”?

Obey Face Color Wheel

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Shocking as it is, we are here on this rock called Earth together, meaning we may need one another like it or not.  The physiognomy of a person will always influence us, and with an ever changing society’s choice in expression, if we are not making a conscious effort to see one another in a more open light, we are losing the battle. Letting sleeping dogs lie is not working anymore with all the clamor and the racket. We must learn to shush the outer mind, media and influence from capital gain and pierce our eyes through the fog of our ancestry and see the right. The right to let someone be who they are AS WELL AS making a conscious effort to befriend the differences of one another with open arms.  Not armed arms, open arms.

Ask yourself who are the seven most frequent people in your life and more importantly, why?  What line do you choose at the grocery store to check out?  Which bank teller do you use?  Clothing, ratty hair or sheer black curls, skinny jeans or suites, black, brown, or the blended shades in between now bring us the ability to have any face be any one person that could end up being valuable to the most important person, YOU. Thanks to the recession and the hardships in our financial structure, many people have had to actually walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Technically now that would make them their own shoes however that’s beside the point.

Whether we choose to or not, we are affected by our life experiences in conjunction with all the beliefs and learned auto-pilot habits that we have absorbed from anything seen by our eyes since the day of birth.  Many underestimate the media. There’s a reason for every absolute detail on an entertainment set. The box of serial was paid or not paid to sit in the exact manner it does.  There’s a reason the gal is who she is in the Panera Bread commercial.  All these details play and bounce off our palette of perspectives that we have derived from all our own accumulated experiences. Whether we become jaded or blissful, either emotion exists only from the history of it’s predecessors experiences.  The crisp air of nature is an experience more commonly now formed from television and digital entertainment creating the faux caches of life experiences; hence the ability for things like Facebook drama to leak into our lives.

Not to bash the world of technology we are inevitably diving noggin first into, the cup half full and with ability to fill it even more comes from what we do with this power of instant connectability.  Are we going to continue to watch television shows that brand a hooded black man with skittles as a threat? Ask yourself, what do you watch when you’re not thinking? Does your default television show have an all caucasian cast or just due to your dark skin, do you feel compelled to keep on BET and UPN? How many times a day do you overcome your homegrown habits by talking a little bit more to the man that sold you your hot dog or elote on a stick?  Reaching out not only to be a better person and blah blah blah, but to know your audience. If you find out your audience is all dogs, it may be good to know dogs like bones. This information allows you to create something, perhaps a never-ending bone. Now your so rich your own puppies are set for life.  Not being racist may never really hold you back, however being RACEASED, could probably jet-pack propel you forward.

 Quiz your own physiognomy!   raceased wildout


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The Biology of the Soul

ry=400For some time now we’ve been told that “love” is a chemical action. All we know as an average day human being is that love is our only tie and motivation for life. We search for it in partners, in movies, our daily lives and for our offspring all we wish for is their success and the love of a happy home and family.
The truth is that humans in 2013 are very much without love and care for one another, much less oneself. This has happened not coincidentally but for the benefit of “they” whoever “they” is. We can consider they to be the UNDP (United Nations Development Program), the international government or the thirteen bloodline families that rule the earth. As for us, we have been punched, drunk and definetly not loved and this is how systematically it has built the society that we live in today where eighty percent of our work goes to merely keeping a roof over our heads and food on our tables. By keeping us full of anger, high off individuality and addicted to wealth and beauty, we lose our own connectivity to the only language that is gender, racial and species universal, LOVE.
Love is a chemical action along with hate, anger, guilt shame and peace & all the other emotions that consume our being. Let me repeat that. Love is a chemical action. Meaning it effects our physical bodies, being and the world around us. Recent studies of quantum physices has shown that we are made up of little bitty nano spaxels, is what they are called but ultimately they are tiny bits of metal that vibrate at a high frequency in us and everything around us and in the world.These frequecies are channeled via our emotions. Yes your feelings aka emotions have an actual power. Bone, yes as in our bones is the highest transmitter for this energy. Yes, energy. The world is not short of any natural source but our love. By depeleting our sense of caring in eachother and raising the hunger and influence of wealth and beauty, “they” have lowered our frequencies making our emotions vulnerable to manipulation. In doing so they maintain control over how we feel. By having control over the wholeness of how the human population “feels”, they have control over the “conscious whole” and in turn the world. Throw this information into the mix with the earth’s Supergrid, which is a magnetic field around the globe constructed merely a few decades ago, this maganetic field could ultimately have control over your emotions one day.
You see by influencing our entertainment and education systems as well as our food and water, the governement or “controller”, thereof has the ability to manipulate the human population to act or spend their hard earned workings on whatever the pertinent influence at the time may be. How exactly important was the christmas present to your nephew now in the middle of January?
With our current ever growing addiction to technology, we have begum the separation of human contact, which is merely the first step to controlling the human mind. Haptic Connection, the most important communication we can use via touch would be severed a few years from now weakening our ability to sense our feelings at a normal level. If this were to happen the human society would be essentially unaware of the state of mind it was in and therefore susceptible to the control of anyone who dares to control the magentic forces that as Verizon would say rule the air. This is where yoga, meditation, the apocalyptic awaking and science meet. You see this enitire society has been built on a belief system. In God we trust, or whatever god you may believe in today. The truth being that in less than scientific terms, “Faith” is a chemical that is secreted in our brains and carries throughout our bodies and our environment. By controlling our belief system, one has the ability to control our emotions. Now remember, our emotions have an actual metallic weight, they vibrate at a physical frequency which we broadcast on a daily basis. If you are have a bad day, guilt, or shame is channeling through your body and essentially transmitting throughout the air not only spreading negativity like a disease but attracting it. Like a magnet, or the book, The Secret, we attract what we disperse therefore if you are having a hard time in life you are attracting a hard time in life, creating an emotional dog chasing it’s emotional tail. Welcome to the real cycle of abuse, by our own governement. Throw this in with the constant pressure of “Keeping up with the Jones’, keeping up with technology, and chemical trails, waiting for one day the Rothchild or Bill Gates or most powerful person declared by Forbes magazine throws the switch and then there’s so much metal around us that even if we knew this information we would have absolutely no control over our own emotions and more so our actions. Hence the future of a Robotic world.58305_1597482496888_1569289_n

Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, theres is hope. It would be hard to convince the world that all you have to do is essentially pet one another like a dog and return to the connectivity of believing that everyone is good. We have been pressured with fear to criminalize even our shyest neighbor, causing us to hate, fear and doubt our own instinct but if we can push past the man created fear and accept our selves, our community and regain the good samaritan value within us, there lies hope for the world. We have been dumbed down, made infertile and now turned against eachother with a knowing plot for humanity to premeditate & murder ourselves. Luckily, all we need to do is simple. A chemical action called love. Loving one another as a whole community, looking past our differences for literally the saving of our species.

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