Thoughts That Actually Blow You Away

What if our thoughts were the wind?  The distress, anger or hostility bangs upon the beach shores and mountains; and the happiness breezes passed a little girl’s dress, displaying it beautifully while she plays on the tire swing.

Every morning, we opened our eyes and ears and thought something pleasant, “Ohhhhh it’s a beautiful morning! Ohhhhhhh it’s a beautiful day!”  Or we atune ourselves alternately with groans and moans, “Uggghh!, My head, the light, my eyes!!” with a slam to the alarm clock blaring as we bang our toe, aaaagain on our race to the bathroom. As a whole, collectively, the wind, the weather, a constant battle between our exuberant eye brightening smiles, and our horrendous groans and tones of despair as we either proceed to our days dreadfully drawn out or floating through our lovely life. The thoughts exhale through our breath as we verbalize our spirit. This contributes to the collective life that we have accumulated. That is what life is, “Accumulation” of breathes. This accumulation of our past thoughts with every breath brings them into reality. If our dreams were high and rightous then our days’ life would be too and vice versa.

Now our problem recently is, people are unhappy all-around, therefore causing tsunamis and anger, shaking the ground. The fact that we are all on this planet together concerns me with this new knowledge. So the miserable man in Missouri is rattling the houses atop mountains in Thailand? Yes. Our moods, feelings, whatever we may call them are a wave frequencies as like everything else in existence. Together creating an ocean of waves moving like a school of fish. If one fish begins swimming askew, the whole movement of the school is effected pushing it in a different direction in the water. Now, what direction are we steering our world into?


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