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The real angels and demons can be found right under our nose. Not actually our nose but above our heads. There is a phenomenon called Chemical Trails.

If you look up in the sky and see a streak of grey or white being strung across by some sort of plane. Not to be confused with contrails which are streaks of condensation trailing a plane and it lasts about twenty lengths of a plane’s size. These trails are quite different, larger size trails dragging white streams across the sky that stretch for miles and what now seems like days. They criss-cross in all directions and over the course of the day will spread thinly across the sky like scarf-like blankets, mostly in heavily populated areas. Con-air trails are merely water and air and again dissipate unlike these trails that according to recent documentation have shown to be tons of billions of shredded metals which are known to be very hazardous to our health as well as disruptive to our natural earth’s cycle in climate and electromagnetic variation. Let’s let that soak in for a second, yes the world, our world is being sprayed by tons of billions of metals, like a pesticide. Currently being primarily NATO countries, our one and only America is of course in participation of this extermination of ourselves.  Mostly in metropolis areas, one simply asks, “Why?” Even being as patriotic as one can be, once faced with the true realities of what our government actually has been capable of, the objectives behind these actions aren’t that far-fetched.


Packed with Ethylene Dibromide (EDB), a chemical pesticide banned by the EPA as a definite carcinogen and chemical toxin by the JP8 jet fuel plane, one could contest, DEPOPULATION. Dissatisfied with the pedigree of our people the goal is to wipe us out and start over with the flaws and unwanted details disposed. Thought to have our population cut in half with in two years and than once again doubled bringing us back up current with a newer better us within four years. Merely speculations on the timelines, even the concept of thinking us disposable is a reason to disagree.  In addition, chemtrails contain Aluminum which is the contributing factor to Alzheimer’s Disease. Barium is a radioactive substance which can be seen in the reports of green lightning storms. Barium aerosol ionizes green as it electrically conducts from ground to sky. The Chemtrail Ops program is allegedly run by the Office of Naval Intelligence also known as the ONI. Microsft creator Bill Gates has been known to be contributing a generous amount to recent weather engineering as well. The overall scope and agenda behind Chemtrails also known as Operation Clover Leaf, Operation Red Sky, Operation Rain Dance which can in actuality be linked back to our one and only great agency of National Security.

It is believed that Barium ionized clouds are used by the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program also known as HAARP. If one is not familiar with chakras, and the way electromagnetic energies, charges, and waves affect our actual physical human bodies, one may not see the very real death blanketed over them.  That’s a bit personal to think the government is attempting mind and body control so instead you can also claim the altering of the climates. Including but not limited to setting off earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves and many other phenomena are the objectives of this program. Being that everyone eventually talks about the weather, controlling it may be a powerful entity.IMG_9135

Currently, while our farmers are having crop problems, there are programs that are manufacturing metal-resistant seeds to sell to our troubled crop owners coincidentally revoking the general public’s ability to grow their own organic foods. So wether its a new corporation prescription pill or a seed, they both spell a costly and damaging system that our bodies may not even be able to toll.  Research shows the amount of Barium in our atmosphere exceeds by 8 times the level deemed safe for humans to breathe. The toxicity of Barium is comparable to Arsenic.

Depopulation, Electromagnetic Control of Masses, or New Corporation Capitalization? These are the problems we face? Whew, I was going to complain about traffic.

Visit your local drug store for an inexpensive and at home metal tester to have your toxins read today!

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