A world for every life must be sustained by the essentials key to staying alive and prosperous.

Human life needs air, water, food, and each other in that order.

When we look around it is possible to have affordable clean food, and water available to everyone. It is simply untrue that our planet is short on it’s supply of food and water; there is an abundance.  We have created the challenge of having to afford it and we can change it again by non-participation of the wrong companies and patronizing the right businesses.

When it comes to people, one can say they can go at it alone, be the Lone Ranger, however even if your run your own business, you need customers. Customers are other people, hence you are not excluded from needing the “each other” part of the humanity recipe. Even if you require no others and conquer an extraordinary feat all by yourself, you will need a witness.

So what happens when these basic necessities to our lives are threatened.  If the wrong nutrition goes in, we are not well, therefore we create a world of people who cannot think well due to their malfunctioning systems.  We stand back in shock and horror at the events that progressively worsen amongst our society yet the move to action has yet to take place. How can you make smart choices about gun control when the air your breathe is being intoxicated; And though it can be challenging to wrap the mind around the idea that such grandeur attacks on our livelihoods are being made, it does not make them any less true.


Our mission here is to assist in creating worlds that are well-rounded and prosperous. Educating adults and children on the reality of what our society’s mental state is in and the solutions to resolve them. Learning the many layers our ourselves as well as learning to cope with our own emotions and reasoning. We are creatures of reason.

Reasoning which we all have, creating thoughts that creates actions that creates the habits that will truly shape our world!