Knowing you own blueprint of emotions, actions and reactions and even mores so the triggers to them only empowers you to do more with them! Enhance the emotions you would like more throughout your day with many easy positive-habit building tricks that surprisingly can be found all around you.

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Know Thy Self

Getting to know our inner "self" is the new black this year of the lone star and the crooked snake.
MIND BODY & SOUL is the sacred trinity that holds our ability to have reality here on this wonderful rock we call Earth.
So make yourself a checklist. A very short one. Over the course of the year you have three seasons left to effectively change the negative way you think that holds you back from applying for the promotion that you deserve or quitting the job your overqualified for and embark on the specialized field you keep saying you will one day get into since it's the one thing you actually enjoy. And thirdly which can be listed in any order and commonly help with the other two is getting your physical human body into shape. The human body is roughly two thirds water, and the brain over eighty percent water; how many bottles of water are you drinking again?

MIND<---Lose the stinkin' thinkin'!
BODY<---Born with a "wide lens"?

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